Who We Are

Daniel and Sharon Peterson, along with our Egyptian Fruit Bats and African Straw-colored Bats, have been educating people about bats since 1996. We love bats, and with our experience and knowledge we want to dispel the myths surrounding these misunderstood creatures. We are located in the Chicago suburbs of Illinois, the heart of the Midwest. For more information about our bat presentations visit our Live Bat Shows page.

What We Do

We give multi-media presentations on Bat Education. Thousands of people, adults and children, have learned how beneficial these creatures are to the world around us. No group is too small or too big. We will customize our program to fit the needs of your venue. Our live bat shows are perfect for a school assembly, scouts groups, library event, or youth groups.

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Incredible Bats in The Media

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Why are bats so incredible?

Bats are