For extensive bat information check out Wikipedia's Bat article. Wikipedia is a free and editable encyclopedia. Almost all of the information is cited by many publications and other reputable sources.

This short video Battle For Bats: Surviving White Nose Syndrome was created for the USDA Forest Service to show how government and private agencies have come together to find solutions to help our bat populations overcome WNS.

The world's leading authority on bats is Bat Conservation International. Vist their page, and see all the latest information on bat research.

The Lubee Bat Conservancy is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of fruit bats. Check out their site for lots of Fruit Bat information, and ways to get involved in helping to preseve fruit bats and their habitats.

Another great organization is the Organization for Bat Conservation. OBC is involved in education, research, conservation, and bat rescue. You can visit their Bat Zone at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

If you live in the UK check out the Bat Conservation Trust website. BCT is the only national organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats in the UK. BCT's vision is a world where bats and people live in harmony.

Australia has over 90 different species of bats! The Australian Museum has all the info you need about all the bats naitve to Australia.

Another great Austrailian organization is The Australian Bat Soceity. Check out their site for tons of Austrailian bat information.

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Check out your local library or bookstore for these great bat books!

Walker's Bats of the World, by Ronald M. Nowak

Copyright 1994, The Johns Hopkins University Press

America's Neighborhood Bats, by Merlin D. Tuttle

Copyright 1988 The University of Texas Press

BCI also has many wonderful books for sale on their website.

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