Sharon and Dan holding an Egyptian Fruit Bat

Daniel Peterson and Sharon Peterson, M.S., Ed.

We give multi-media presentations on Bat Education to all kinds of groups. Thousands of people, adults and children, have learned how beneficial these creatures are to us and our world.

We have live Egyptian Fruit Bats and African Straw-Colored Fruit Bats that we bring to every bat show! Our audiences get the opportunity to see these amazing creatures up close.

Please check out the Our Bats page to see pictures and learn more about our fruit bats!

Since 1996 Sharon and Dan have been promoting bat education through these presentations. Sharing her experiences, Sharon will teach and inform her audience about the many benefits of this misunderstood and feared creature. Sharon is an elementary school teacher/ librarian and has been trained by Bat Conservation International in the conservation of bats. During the year Dan is also available to give the same program. He is a bat naturalist.

Our program is perfect for school assemblies, libraries, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts groups, camps, churches, and even outdoor venues!

We are licensed by the USDA as Class C Exhibitors; Certificate No. 33-C-0278. Our bats were born in captivity and have not been exposed to diseases such as rabies. We are fully insured. Proof of documentation is available upon request.

We give Live Bat Programs to all types of groups

If you would like us to come out to your scouting, school, church, camp, or any other type of group you can contact us by e-mail at or call us at 815-485-2259. We will give you information on date availability and on pricing.

We offer custom tailored programs for your venue

We have participated in all different types of events, outdoor festivals, large indoor venues, small churches, and libraries. Our program can be custom tailored to meet your needs. In the summer months we can include a bat hike where we will use a bat detector to hear the echolocation that bats make. This also affords our audience to be able to see bats in the wild doing what they do best, eating bugs!

2015 Summer Reading Program: Every Hero Has A Story

While Batman is fighting crime in Gotham City our heroic furry flying friends are fighting to save the rain forests and other eco-systems. Our live bat show will be focused on these everday heros and the important role they play in our world. Schedule us for your summer reading program today!

Press Kit Materials:

High resolution images of our bats

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